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Cohabitation can help a relationship last

A recent study from America has found that cohabitation plays an important part in long-term relationships that last eight years and over.

Evidence suggests that cohabiting relationships are often more short-term than married relationships, however the study from Ohio State University looked at relationships that are longer in duration, and found that cohabitation makes an important contribution to the success of these relationships.

Many couples who cohabit for eight or more years do eventually get married, but researchers found that cohabitation is actually the “entry point” for more long-term relationships than was previously known.

In terms of numbers, the researchers discovered that for women “adding cohabitation to marriage as a potential means of forming a relationship adds about six percentage points, or 36%, to the probability that she will form and maintain a long-term relationship.”

The role of cohabitation is even more important for older women who are in their second relationship.

“As women get older, they are even more likely than younger people to live together before they get married,” said Audrey Light, co-author of the study and professor of economics at The Ohio State University Light. “The same is true for those who are entering second unions.”

“Enough of these cohabiting unions do last that they end up making a huge contribution to the total number of lasting long-term relationships.”

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