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cohabitation agreement dundeeSome couples may live together for many years but never make the decision to marry. Whilst this does not create the same legal status as marriage, couples who live together, known in law as ‘cohabiting’, encounter many of the issues that are common to couples who have decided to marry. The major issue which affects both married and cohabiting couples is how aspects connected to their living together, such as finances, property and children, should be managed.

Not unlike a divorce, a cohabiting couple who feel their relationship is unsustainable and decide to separate will experience several obstacles. Decisions about how best to divide up the property that they have accumulated together ranks high on the list of difficulties they may face. This could involve a great deal of argument if it lacks proper planning. In order to avoid this situation and to protect their interests, cohabiting couples could take steps to create a Cohabitation Agreement.

How do Cohabitation Agreements work?

Cohabitation Agreements share similarities with Prenuptial Agreements, but are specific to couples who are not married. They allow for a couple to set out in writing how the property that they and their partner shared during the course of their relationship is to be distributed between them, in the event that their relationship is ever brought to an end.

While it may seem strange to make these kinds of arrangements, it is in fact a very wise decision. Relationships of every kind are complex and difficulties can and will arise from time-to-time. If you opt to create a Cohabitation Agreement, you will spare yourself and your partner a significant amount of unnecessary distress and cost in the future.

Do I need a lawyer to create a Cohabitation Agreement?

It must be kept in mind that a Cohabitation Agreement is essentially a contract between a couple who are living together. It is a legal document. Therefore, it is vital that the terms of that contract are drafted clearly so that your wishes, and those of your partner, are accurately reflected in the document. A lawyer will be able to make sure that a Cohabitation Agreement takes into account as many relevant issues as possible and that your interests are protected. A lawyer will also mitigate the risk of there being any ambiguity about the meaning of the cohabitation agreement in the event of a separation, which in turn negates the risk of becoming embroiled in a dispute about how property will be distributed in the future.

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