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Separation Agreement and Divorce Solicitor DundeeIt is not uncommon for relationships to be put under considerable strain from time-to-time, but sometimes a couple’s feelings towards one another may have changed to such an extent that they decide to separate. While it is true that this decision may be a very painful one, it is also important to understand that there will also be many matters to attend to that can have legal consequences.

What is a separation agreement?

When a couple separate they will need to come to some kind of agreement as to how the property that they have enjoyed as a couple is to be divided between them, and if there are children, what arrangements are to be made for their wellbeing and care. However, coming to an agreement about such important matters when both parties may be emotionally fragile can lead to long, drawn out and protracted negotiations. It is in these situations that a separation agreement can be a useful tool.

A separation agreement, sometimes described as a ‘minute of agreement’, is a legal document that sets out how a couple have mutually agreed certain matters will be dealt with in the event of their separation. It is important to keep in mind that separation agreements are not only accessible if you are in a legally recognised relationship, i.e. a marriage or civil partnership. If a couple is thinking about getting married or entering into a civil partnership, then they too can create a separation agreement so to avoid any unnecessary heartache in the future.

What is the benefit of using a separation agreement?

Couples that decide to separate may find themselves unable to negotiate with their former partner or spouse. This may be due to raw emotions interfering with their judgement. This can in turn lead to a great deal of heartache and distress for both parties, if they are forced to pursue court-based dispute resolution to agree the distribution of their property or to settle other matters such as child arrangements. Separation Agreements, if drafted properly, can avoid all of this.

How much is covered?

There is no uniform kind of separation agreement. Everyone's circumstances are different and this should be reflected in the separation agreement that you ultimately decide to create. Special care should be taken to note every aspect of a couple’s life together and how this is to be separated out. This includes matters relating to financial obligations, the division of property, childcare and contact between children and their extended family.

The decision to enter into a separation agreement may not seem to be a very palatable one, and some may think it a bad omen to enter into one unnecessarily. The unfortunate truth is that relationships do not always last for as long as a couple may otherwise wish, and the ensuing distress of separation can make it very difficult to agree what is to be done with those elements of life that couples may have shared for many years. Separation Agreements allow couples to take the emotion out of any potential separation, and set out very clearly how they want property to be distributed.

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