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Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer Dundee

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer DundeeThe decision to marry is a significant one and will involve the combining of the lives of two different people. This is an exciting prospect for the most part, but also warrants careful planning.

Relationships, while generally rewarding and fulfilling, can be very complicated and it is not uncommon for difficulties to arise that may threaten the long-term viability of a marriage. At Family Law Dundee, we often work in partnership with clients who are looking for a way to avoid the need for protracted negotiations with their spouse if they feel that their relationship is no longer sustainable.

Prenuptial agreements are a very useful tool when attempting to guard against any unnecessary heartache in the event that a couple feel that their marriage needs to be brought to an end. The team at Family Law Dundee use their understanding of the law and expert drafting skills to create agreements that provide clear and comprehensive guidance on what is to happen if a married couple ever decide to divorce.

How do Prenuptial Agreements in Scotland work?

Prenuptial agreements have historically been closely associated with U.S. legal procedure, often featuring in the media and film. However, they have also been used in Scotland for many years and can be very helpful to couples who are attempting to minimise the stress they would experience if they ever decided to end their marriage.

A prenuptial agreement is basically an agreement, or a kind of contract, between a married couple that sets out what is to happen if their relationship is ever brought to an end by divorce. Provided that they are drafted by expert lawyers who can clearly record a couple’s intentions, a prenuptial agreement can reduce the emotional strain, cost and time that would otherwise be involved in a divorce where there is no such plan.

Furthermore, the usefulness of prenuptial agreements is clear considering the amount of control that they allow a couple to retain. In an action for divorce, where there is no prenuptial agreement and a couple disagree on how their property is to be divided between them, a court will be forced to take its own view of how best to do so. In other words, it is the court that makes the decisions. This is in direct contrast to the situation with prenuptial agreements: you and your spouse can take some time to speak with a solicitor and make a decision as to how your matrimonial property is to be divided, if you should ever decide to divorce.

Get Prenuptial Agreement from Family Law Dundee

Family Law Dundee is a leading team of specialist family law solicitors that practice exclusively in the area of family law. If you would like to get practical, effective legal advice on how to create a prenuptial agreement that removes the risk of you, your spouse or extended family from suffering through the difficulties of divorce proceedings without proper planning, contact our team today.

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