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More people are paying closer attention to their pension and how much they have saved for their retirement. However, despite the fact that an increasing number of people are conscious of the importance of pensions, the rules that apply to them are not as well understood as they should be. A good pension provides the financial support you need when you retire and requires consideration of complex legal issues.

At Family Law Dundee, we provide detailed guidance to our clients on the range of options available in respect of pensions, and help them to address the many legal issues that arise regarding their use.

Pension advice for individuals

The team at Family Law Dundee are regularly sought out to provide advice to individual clients on pensions. Our team have been practicing in the area of pension law for many years and regularly provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice in respect of their enjoyment of a pension.

As an individual you might want to know: 

  • Is my employer legally obliged to provide a pension?
  • What are my rights to a state pension?
  • What happens to pensions on divorce? Will my spouse take a share?

At Family Law Dundee, we can answer these questions and more.

Pension advice for businesses

Pension provision is not only a concern to individuals, but also to their employers. Pension law has a significant impact on businesses in the UK, in respect of their obligations to employees and the provision of pension schemes. The team at Family Law Dundee have acted for many employers and regularly offer pragmatic and practical legal advice on the salient issues affecting employers under pension law. As an employer you may be want to know:

  • Do we have to provide employees with a pension?
  • Are there any tax benefits?
  • How do we go about establishing an employee pension scheme?

Contact Family Law Dundee for expert pension advice

Our team of solicitors pride themselves on providing legal advice and support to enable our clients to make decisions that are based on sound reasoning and good judgement.

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