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Collaborative Family Lawyers in Dundee

When it comes to divorce, it is sometimes best to keep things out of court. It is becoming increasingly popular to keep things reasonably amicable, and certainly cheaper, by dealing with disputes out of court. Furthermore, the courts have always been very wary of becoming overly involved in sensitive family matters, including divorce. They tend to take the view that they are not best suited to resolving disputes involving personal relationships, and would rather that a couple make their own arrangements as much as possible.

Collaborative law is a relatively new addition to the dispute resolution process. It is designed to give parties more control over how their dispute is handled. Each person in the dispute should still each appoint a lawyer but meet face to face rather than by letter or telephone. In these meetings, collaborative legal practice will involve the discussion between disputing parties, with the advice and support of their lawyers, about the substance of their dispute and how they can go about resolving their differences.

Keep divorce out of court with collaborative law

The whole process is designed to be more dignified and less aggressive than the traditional court process.

It stops the relationship worsening further and may reduce the stress experienced by friends and children. Because court costs can be avoided, and because the process is often quicker, it may end up being far cheaper. Many like the fact that it allows them to retain more control over proceedings. Unlike courtroom litigation, there is no judge to decide the substance of the dispute. It will be for the respective parties, working in partnership with their lawyers, to address their issues and arrive at a decision that is to both parties’ mutual satisfaction.

Although the dispute will often remain out of court, having a lawyer is not only essential, but also ensures that you are in the best negotiating position to make the most of the process. Your solicitor should be a specialist in the field of family law, and have experience of negotiating divorce settlements through the collaborative legal process.

Collaborative law from Family Law Dundee

Family Law Dundee have years of experience of collaborative law. We can give you in depth legal advice tailored to your situation. The team at Family Law Dundee have used collaborative law in a variety of situations, including in matters pertaining to divorce. We believe that it is vital for us to be able to offer our clients access to dispute resolution tools that are more sophisticated than courtroom litigation, which may be better suited of their needs.

If you are interested in collaborative law and how it can help you, please get in touch. You will work with a solicitor that is regularly involved in collaborative law, who will explain what the process involves and how it can be used to address your particular needs.

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